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Multi Media Gallery Pro
Created by host on 12/9/2007 12:00:00 AM


  • Multi Media: the module can display images, video and flash.

  • Multi sources: the media can be an uploaded file, a file that already existing in the portal or a remote source for web site such as YouTube.

  • Bulk upload: allow uploading zip files that contains many media files.

  • Quick scan existing Media files: allow adding existing images that already in your portal.

  • Medias are organized in albums. The number of albums is unlimited.


  • Administrators can assign roles to add Medias.

  • Administrators can assign roles to moderate Medias and albums.

  • Administrators can decide if authorized users can create their own private albums.

  • Moderators can make Medias or albums open to public.

  • Authorized users can add media to their own albums and public albums. They can edit their own Medias but cannot edit those of other users.


  • The display styles such as background color, border color, border style etc of album list, media list and media view can be set up.

  • Media list is pageable. The page size can be set.

  • Administrators can define display template of media list.

  • Edit Mode: using AJAX to make maintenance work more quickly and easily. You can edit gallery/media title and description directly in edit mode, need not click the pencil icon and go to another page.


  • Media Upload control: the separated control can be added in any page.

  • Media List: display Medias in main module. It supports rolling. For example, you can display top 10 popular Medias.

  • Media Slideshow: display Medias in main module as slide show.

  • Three cooperant controls: Media Gallery Catalog will display album list of the main module. Media Gallery Album will display Medias in an album. MediaGalleryPlayer will display one media.

  • Media Search: search medias in main module.


  • Rating: visitors can give rate for each media.

  • Water mark: you can add text or image as water mark to your photos.

  • Import/Export: support export/import.

  • Search: support DNN search.

  • Email: allow sending media link by email.

  • Localization: the module supports localization.

  • Display order: Set the display order by Title, Date or View Order. The display order can be ASC or DESC.

  • Resizing: image size can be resized to save disk space and reduce network traffic.

  • Thumbnail image: dynamic creating thumbnail image of picture to save disk space and reduce network traffic. You can add thumbnails for media files other than images. You can configure the size of thumbnails.

  • Auto play: it can auto play media files in detail view.



Examples of ways to use the module

There are some examples of ways to use the module.

Image Gallery

View a live demo here: http://www.zldnn.com/mediagallery/Home/tabid/432/Default.aspx


Product catalog

View a live demo here: http://www.zldnn.com/mediagallery/ProductCatalog/tabid/450/Default.aspx

Flash Gallery

View a live demo here: http://www.zldnn.com/mediagallery/Flash/tabid/449/ctl/View/mid/1377/ItemID/342/Default.aspx


Video Gallery

View a live demo here:  http://www.zldnn.com/mediagallery/Video/tabid/451/ctl/View/mid/1379/ItemID/336/Default.aspx

Other useful features:



Tabbed options page makes module setting work more easily.

Sub modules:


Rich looking presentation


Role based management



This DotNetNuke module helps you to create media galleries quickly and easily.  It supports many kinds of media types - images (such as jpg, gif, bmp, and tiff), video (avi, mpeg, rm, wmv) and flash. You can upload media files to your gallery. You can also scan existing media files that already exist in your portal into your gallery. And you can add Medias in other site such as YouTube. The module organizes Medias by album. The number of albums is unlimited. Authorized users can create their own albums and add Medias. Moderators can decide which albums and Medias can be opened to public. Administrator can set up the layout of the albums to create the look of the presentation to the public. There are also several sub modules that can improve the user experience. This module is very easy to use. By following our detailed User Guide, you can use most features step by step. You will also find a lot of useful features beyond your mind when you explore it. The module can work properly under DNN 3.3.x/4.3+.

Living demo: http://www.zldnn.com/Default.aspx?alias=www.zldnn.com/mediagallery

Main Features

Media management:


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