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Module Capture
Created by host on 12/15/2007 12:00:00 AM

Module Capture duplicates another module on another dotnetnuke website. It can help you to integrate content of other dotnetnuke web site that is not in the same host of your web site.



Living Demo: http://www.zldnn.com/modulecapture/Home/tabid/370/Default.aspx

Register and download demo modules from http://www.zldnn.com/Download/tabid/233/Default.aspx . You can install these modules in local server to test and preview. All demo versions are fully functional within http://localhost domains only and do not expire.


  • Support cache to improve performance. You can select refresh period.
  • Easy to use: all need to do is to enter a url and select a module id.
  • Independent on database: it is independent on data providers.
  • Need not change DotNetNuke core and need not more configurations.

It is very easy to use.

  1.  Install the module as normal DotNetNuke module and add an instance into a page.
  2. Select "Edit" from module menu to set the module.
  3. Enter the url of the page that contains the module you want to captuer.
  4. (Optional)Enter the encode of the page. Default is UTF-8.
  5. Click "Get Modules" Link.
  6. You can see the id of modules displayed.
  7. Select a id to preview the module.
  8. Click the update when you find the module you want to capture.

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