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ZLDNN Module Link
Created by host on 4/10/2008 8:52:04 AM


This DotNetNuke module helps to create links for modules in one page. Modules that are related to a link will be displayed when users click the link and others controlled by module link will be hidden. This allows you to save valuable space of pages and allows visitors to navigate modules easily. And you can use this module and core or third part modules to build some interesting pages. For example, you can add several photo album instances into one page and add links for those into a module link. Then you get a simple photo gallery. Another example is product catalog. You can build a simple product catalog by using a module link and several Text/Html instances.


Living Demo:

Register and download demo modules from . You can install these modules in local server to test and preview. All demo versions are fully functional within http://localhost domains only and do not expire.

  image008.jpg image010.jpg image012.jpg



l         Image and/or text links  

l         Image width and height can be configured

l         Display first module or not

l         Always display links or display a link detail when it is selected

l         Need not to modify core program or core modules.

l         Easy to install and easy to use

l         You can set css of item and selected item.

l         You can edit module.css. 

l         Display image links as thumbnail

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