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Advanced News Feed
Created by host on 12/9/2007 12:00:00 AM



  • Can work with DNN 3.1.+ and 4.+ including 4.6.2 and 4.7.0

  • Support RSS 0.9x ,2.0 and ATOM

  • Cache feed data into database to reduce network traffic and improve performance

  • Aggregate multi feeds together to be displayed

  • Configurable template for news display

  • News items can be sorted by title or published date in either ascending or descending order.

  • Allow paging. You can set the page size.

  • Configurable URL base to make images displayed properly

  • Support localization.

  • Open feed in new window.







Advanced News Feed is a DNN module that meets your news feed need. Living demo:





There are two versions in download package: Advanced News Feed 2.0 is built under DotNetNuke 3.1.1 and VS.Net 2003. Advanced News Feed 4.0 is built under DotNetNuke 4.5.5 and VS.Net 2005. Please install Advanced News Feed 2.0 if your DotNetNuke version is lower than 4.5.5.


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