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Floating Module
Created by host on 12/13/2007 12:00:00 AM

 By using this module you can select a module floating on your page. The floating module can be hidden or shown when a user move his/her mouse on the image handler.

Living Demo HERE:

Register and download demo modules from . You can install these modules in local server to test and preview. All demo versions are fully functional within http://localhost domains only and do not expire.


  • You can select any module on a page.
  • You can set the width of floating zone.
  • You can set the top of floating zone
  • You can set the floating module in left or right.
  • You can set a module always floating.
  • You can select an image for handler of floating zone.
  • Easy to use.
  • No need to modify dnn core.
  • Independent on database.
  • (New in 2.0) You can add more than one floating module in a page
  • (New in 2.2) You can put a module from other page into the floating module.


  • Install the Floating Module as normal DotNetNuke module
  • Add an instance of the Floating Module into a page.
  • Goto module settings to configurate it.
  • Set the cache time of both the floating module and the module that will be floating to zero.


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